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: Rachel Anne Anderson
: 32
: Female
: Must be friends to see
: Must be friends to see
: West Valley New York
: United States Of America
: Must be friends to see
Arts / Paintings of Rachel Anne Anderson
Sin i have been good to long sin with me Ville my love. I wait loyally hoping someday you burn for me like i burn for you. <3  Mused by Ville Valo he is my muse. <3 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

The Eye of God
The Eye of God thinking about Ville Valo he is my muse. <3 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

Childhood Fun
what true love is to me the freedom to be myself & be innocent & pure mused by Ville Valo 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

Chaos Sweet
love can be chaos of the heart but it is worth it mused by Ville Valo he's my muse <3 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

feeling happy love is a calm peace a flame that burns inside your soul making everything okay thinking about Ville Valo he's my muse <3 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

love is beautiful it makes you create beautiful things thinking about Ville  Valo brings out the best in me he's a great muse <3 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

Ville <3 2/20/2015 painted by me even his name is relaxing <3 Not much relaxes me i am Autistic & my childhood was very rough. He makes me feel safe. <3 I feel he can be trusted. Mused by Ville Valo <3 He's my muse. <3 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

I have known pain. I have been cut deep. I have been broken. I have been brought to my knees. But god heard my silent cries of agony for god to was bleeding. Maybe i can save him & he can save me. No more pain. Only Smiles i belong smiling. <3 2/19/2015 mused by Ville Valo <3 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

V :) painted by me 2/21/2015 all those years i fought myself when all i had to do was surrender to be saved <3 painted thinking of Ville Valo he's my muse <3 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

Joy 2/21/2015 fire & water R & V <3 mused by Ville Valo he's my muse <3 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

how i feel today girls will get it lol :) . <3 I wish i could hug Ville Valo I trust him i know he wouldn't hurt me :) 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

Think of Ville & Smile
<3 Think about Ville Valo & smile <3 painted by me 2/23/2015 Love is stronger then pain. :) 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

I can't stand seeing Pics of Ville with Bam :( it makes me Jealous all those years i wasn't able to be there & then Ville got hurt & so did i. I am beyond angry. Some questions i would never ask. I don't want to know. I can't know. My heart couldn't take it if it would just kill my heart. I am honest & good & loyal & true & no bullshit. I am more of a man then Bam is even though i am just telepathic. It should have been me all this time. <3 Then that wound would not be there for Ville or myself. We wouldn't have harmed each other.  
V S.D.
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

V saved me <3
V saved me <3 if Ville hadn't really been real i don't know what i would be today probably not sober & healthy like i am now sometimes love is an idea a passion that keeps a heart alive there can be no doubt it's right :) V S.D. 
I love my muse Ville Valo <3 everything beautiful i am is for him. :) 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

I love U V
I love U V painted by me 2/24/2015 thinking of Ville Valo my beautiful muse <3 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

<3 Sweet 2/26/2015 thinking of my sweet muse Ville Valo oh & i am also sweet myself lol 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

2/25/2015 painted thinking about Ville Valo <3 my lovely muse <3 xoxo
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

Suck my Dick
Suck my Dick painted 3/1/2015 fed up with all the bullshit 
by   Rachel Anderson

eye <3 my muse VV
eye <3 my muse VV :) Ville Valo is the best muse in the universe 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

Sexy Beast
I am a Sexy Beast <3 painted by me 3/2/2015 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

Painted on 3/9/2015 
by   Rachel Anne Anderson

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