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Abstract painting
Swan Lake
Canvas board made of cotton 46 x 38 cm
by   Valentina Nadal

We All Fall Down

by   Kaitee Page

On pine
by   Doug Pope

On the Hill, California
Traveling along the beautiful beachside road in Spring 2015, I found a hill by the highway, and walking up to it, noticed a pathway lined with poppies and traces of water on the road. Under the sunny and a bit windy weather, the wild bushes had bent in the wind. I wanted to capture the impression straight away and finished the painting a month or so later. 
by   Mason Mansung Kang

Detailed pen/ink/gouache work on 'nott' art board
by   Rhoda Taylor

Dance Pair I & II
This is a diptych of dancers.  It is done in oil paint, with narrow black frames.  Size is approx. 8"x10" each plus frames. 
by   Martha Harrell

Flowers abstract
by   Raquel Sarangello

Man Zen!

Portrait of Alternate Model Manzin, with his permission!

Acrylic on canvas 18" by 24"

$250.00 USD Free Shipping

by   Ruth J Passmore

Bon Odori

"Bon Odori"

By Stephen Mercer (oil on canvas). A woman uses two fans to perform the Bon Odori, a traditional Japanese dance intended to welcome the spirits of the dead. Shoji screens are positioned in front of windows with rosewood frames.

by   Stephen Mercer

Guzheng Girl

A woman plays a Guzheng, a traditional Chinese musical instrument comprising 16 to 21 strings (oil on canvas) .

by   Stephen Mercer

Wet Reflections
Reflections on a wet street scene
by   Jac Visser

Still life with elements of abstract contemporary features. Acrylic paint on stretched burlap canvas.
by   Jacqueline Fitzgerald Ruiz

You and I . York, The Shambles street
40/60 cm Oil, canvas 2014. 
by   Irini Indjibeli

Abandoned Hacienda
An old mining abandoned hacienda in the State of Morelos, about 100 Km south of Mexico City. Old yellow amate trees rooted in the old walls of the buildings.
by   Rosa Feijoo

Reflet CGI
Digital painting on canvas.
36 by 24 inchs 

by   Marc Tremblay

The Breath Of Autumn
Paint. Oil unique work. Size 20x16x1 in. Framed. "The Breath Of Autumn". V.Politov. Artist-impressionist, modern painter, PhD. from UA. Oil on canvas 50x40cm. 2015..Art works V.Politov's presented in many groups of Fine Art America /profiles/politov-valeryi.html
by   Politov Valeryi

The one or the other
100x68 oil on wood 2015
by   Richard Silvaggio

Watercolour, 25 X 35 ctm. To order.
by   Rosa Feijoo

Chapel on the hill
Chapel in the hill in the colonial town of Tlayacapan, Morelos Sate, Mexico, famous for its large XVI century convent and many chapels.

To order. Size 31 X 41 ctm
by   Rosa Feijoo

" The Important Words..."

Oil on canvas. 50x40cm.

My name is Valeryi Politov and I paint from life and imagination. I like to push the limits and find that mixing abstracts with plein air work keeps everything fresh. To me painting is largely about nature, and our enjoyment of it.

by   Politov Valeryi

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